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Straus Park Condominium
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Top of the Rock April 2014 New York City
Spring Blooms in Central Park
Central Park, New York City
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Spring Blooms in Central Park
Buildings around Central park New York
Isidor and Ida Straus Memorial
Isidor and Ida Straus Memorial
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432 Park Ave 992
Straus Park
Strauss Memorial New York
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About 10025 Zip Code

10025 is located in the Western region between Upper Manhattan and Uptown Manhattan. With a total population of about 97,086; this is a rather well-populated Zip. The Neighborhoods that make up for Zip 10025 are Manhattan Valley neighborhood, Morningside Heights neighborhood, Upper West Side (UWS) neighborhood, Uptown neighborhood and West Side neighborhood.

On the Map: 41 degrees latitude and -74 degrees longitude in the Northeast region.

Breaking it Down: West 116th Street in the North, Morningside drive and East drive across Central Park, up to Transverse Road #4 and West 91st street in the South.

Zipping Alongside: 10115, 10026, 10024, 10027, 10029 and 10128.

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine:
The Cathedral in question is perhaps the most notable location in the whole of Zip 10025. Officially known as the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in the City and Diocese of New York, it is also the Episcopal Diocese of New York. This cathedral church has the honor of being the 4th largest Christian church in the world. The insides of the church measure up to a whopping 11,200 square meters. Better known as ‘St. John the Unfinished’, the cathedral remains unfinished; with construction and restoration of completed parts being underway.

Riverside Park:
The Riverside Park stretches across 4 miles, and runs alongside the Hudson. This is one of the most spectacular waterfront parks you can see in Manhattan. Given the fact that this Park is one of the only 8 officially designated scenic landmarks in NYC, it has quite a vibrant history attached to it. The facilities at the park include a skate park, a sizeable chunk of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway (which is meant for bicycling), sports courts and fields, and the public marina which is extremely intrinsic to the NY State’s Water Trail.

Joan of Arc Park:
The Joan of Arc Park is part of the Riverside Drive. The most important monument within its boundaries is a life-size bronze statue of Joan of Arc (which is where the Park gets its name from). This bronze beauty is a tribute to the namesake fearless woman leader. It features her atop her warhorse, in her glorious armor; while she holds her sword aloft. The statue is a creation of Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington; and happens to be the first ever statue of a woman and the first ever statue made by a woman to be installed in NYC.

The Central Park Conservancy:
Central Park is one of the most iconic parks of NYC. Regardless of where people throng to NYC from, they all seem to know that it is home to Central Park. A little known fact is that the annual budget of maintaining this humongous Park comes up to a whopping $25 million. This gigantic task is undertaken by the Central Park Conservancy. The CPC is a non-profit organization that is responsible for the conservation of this 843 acre large Park. The Conservancy’s mission is to restore, manage and enhance Central Park, in partnership with the public, for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

Pooch-y Fun:
Towards the west of this Zip you will find a place for the Uptown Dog Runs. Located at Riverside Park at 105th Street, this lovely dog run has a water fountain and a paw-friendly crushed gravel surface. A dog-friendly outdoor café is located across the promenade.

Fine Dining:
Experience Zip 10025 with its better known restaurants:

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